Loan Equiptment

We offer loan Coltene Ultrasonic baths, Hand scalers, Curing lights and Capsulated mixers for the duration of your repair. If you have a Coltene product and it was purchased in the last 2 years this is a free service. If you have any additional question please feel free to contact us directly

How does our loan service work?   Simple as 123… 4


  1. Call us and we will send you a loan unit and arrange collection of your faulty unit if convenient unless it is just for a service or has some life left in it.
  2. Once your loan unit is in place call us to arrange your unit.
  3. We will call you once it arrives and give you a complete estimate and upon your acceptance we will repair and test your equipment.
  4. Finally we will call to arrange a convenient time to return to you and take a payment.

We do charge for loan equipment but usually turn around is so fast you won’t need it.