Company history

The company started 30 years ago near Fairlight in East Sussex repairing domestic electrical equipment and prototyping for customers that did not have the technical expertise to develop their ideas. Some of our more notable designs have been for Rotterdam City Council, Portsmouth University, St Katherine’s Dock in London and many more. We have designed and sold our own data logger recorder for recording Autoclave sterilisation cycles and a medical gas mixer for digitally mixing Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen.

We have grown steadily over the years with the main part or our business being dental and medical electronic repairs, servicing and validation. We still continue our prototyping service to develop people’s ideas and continue to expand that side of the business with many exciting new projects.

Tour our office using Google street view.

Why work with us?   We have a team of experienced engineers some with over 35 years in the dental industry. We aim to repair your equipment NOT just changing circuit boards, especially when a component worth a few pence will save you tens or hundreds of pounds on a new board. We invest heavily in test equipment to keep up with new technologies. We have a machine shop where we can make and repair some mechanical equipment.